«SWEET WORLD» Trademark

The «SWEET WORLD» trademark appeared in 2002. The reason of creating it was our wish  to begin the production of natural, health-giving confectionery in Ukraine. The assortment of our products is permanently widened; nowadays it includes jellies,  «Creamy dessert» sweets, health fruit sticks and more than 20 kinds of lakoums.

Sweetmeats of this trademark are much in demand. Adult persons who prefer healthy food, children and their parents, - all of them  enjoy our products.  If you want to be fully confident that you buy  only natural sweets containing no dying stuff and harmful components,  «SWEET WORLD» trademark is just what you have sought for.  Our sweetmeats are nutritious, easily digestible, rich with vital energy and don't cause allergic reactions  for children.  «SWEET WORLD»  trademark means natural sweets for  the whole family of yours!