The world of natural sweets


«SWEET WORLD» factory - is well-known Ukrainian producer of natural sweets. For 14 years the company from importer of oriental sweets has grown into a serious player in the market - leader in the segment of nanatural sweets. To develope «SWEET WORLD» confectioners held a series of trainings in Turkey, which allowed to purchase equipment and establish production Turkish delight for the first time in Ukraine.
During the development of the company our specialists have been trained in Italy, which made it possible to produce European quality chocolate products.

Today the factory is working successfully in five areas:
- chocolate bars and chocolate figures;
- Eastern sweets;
- chocolate and creamy candies;
- marmalade;
- healthy food bars.

Brand «SHOUD’E» is in demand by consumers due to the natural products and high quality standards. Our strategy is only best kinds of chocolate and only natural ingredients, without laurene fats and harmful preservatives.