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Brand store "SLADKIY MIR" (Ukraine, Kharkov, Cooperativna street, 6/8) - is a famous place among gourmets and lovers of the European chocolate. Our product range includes more than 2,800 names of confectionery products, 376 kinds of chocolates and figures, 226 types of chocolate, as well as 220 species and 120 kinds of tea and coffee.

"SLADKIY MIR" differs from conventional stores for the uniqueness and quality. We do not sell well-known candies and chocolates, which are bursting from the supermarket shelves.

We keep the tradition of chocolate skills. Our products are carefully selected and matches domestic and international quality standards.
In the brand store "SLADKIY MIR" you can buy natural products «SHOUD'E» and «Sweet World", as well as sweets and chocolate from the best European manufacturers.
We have for sale only delicious sweets made of natural raw materials and high-quality chocolate, without dyes, preservatives, sweeteners and E- harmful components.

Brand store "SLADKIY MIR" is located in the historical center of Kharkov, near the square of the Constitution, the Kharkiv City Council and administrative offices.

Convenient location, European interior and relaxed atmosphere make brand store "SLADKIY MIR" favorite place for business meetings and romantic dates.

Our phone: +38(057) 771-01-03, 771-01-04 (fax).

Ukraine, Kharkov, Cooperativna street, 6/8

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