The world of natural sweets

SHOUD'E products

Confectionery factory "Sweet World" started production of "SHOUD'E" in 2007. It all started with the desire to create in Ukraine a line of chocolate products that would be in no way inferior to the best European samples.

Today the brand "SHOUD'E" includes more than 100 items of various sweets. The range of "SHOUD'E" includes sweets, marmalade, dragee, energy bars, handmade chocolate bars, chocolate figures, oriental sweets, fruits in chocolate. The production uses only high quality, natural raw materials from the best suppliers.

Masters of the company have been trained in Italy with specialists who have been honing their skills for centuries. After training, the masters of our company had practice at a branch of one of the chocolate ateliers in Switzerland, purchased European production technologies, and developed a unique palette of natural flavors.

Products of the SHOUD'E brand are sold in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, and Iraq. Sweets “SHOUD'E” is not only a celebration of taste for funs of natural sweets, but also a popular gift for your loved ones and colleagues.