The production of «SHOUD'E»  was launched at the «SWEET WORLD» confectionery in 2007.  It was based on our aspiration for creating  in Ukraine such chocolates that would be as good as the best European specimens.

Nowadays «SHOUD'E» trademark covers more than a hundred varieties of hand-made chocolates.  The assortment includes  sweets, drops, slab chocolate, figurines made of black, white and milky chocolate.  To produce them we use only the high-quality  stuff from Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

«SHOUD'E» products are sold not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, Latvia, Poland and Russia.  «SHOUD'E» sweetmeats are made for the genuine chocolate connoisseurs to delight, but they are also a popular present to give to your beloved, relatives and colleagues. 

The company workers were sent to Italy, where they were trained by the specialists who inherited  age-long traditions of their trade.  After the training our workers had a course of practice at one of the chocolate ateliers in Switzerland. We also acquired European  and created a unique series of chocolate tastes on their basis.  

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Chocolate bars Chocolate bars
Marmalade Marmalade
Fruit collection in chocolate Fruit collection in chocolate
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